The Bartender

I see them looking, exchanging glances, almost; one or the other averting the damning gaze that signals their interest. Flush with desire toying with each other; deep profound feelings only for themselves for their needs; wants; lust.

Cruelly, don’t see the effect this has on the lady that is his wife.  She sees, believing herself unwanted, unattractive, undesired and unappreciated. If he was asked, he would lie, saying she is so beautiful.  She’d just smile.  Deep down, the truth rips at her insides like a wild dog.

The object of his interest tosses her hair with the zeal of an extra in an 80’s big-hair-cop-show.  Her friends laugh their approval, wink and order more drinks.  The room cools, he goes back to his steak, she to her Tom Collins and his wife turns slightly away to hide the pain.

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